Bluets References/Links

A Few References at Random

108. Leonard Cohen’s Blue Raincoat 

5. Translations of Mallarme from Poetry in Translation.

169. Joseph Cornell’s 1936 Rose Hobart 

106. Saussure’s Cyanometer

78.Yves Klein


141. Tuareg people:

202. “Personally, when I imagine my mind in the act of remembering, I see Mickey Mouse in Fantasia, roving about in a milky, navy-blue glaxy shot through with twinling cartoon stars,” (81).

192. “Cyanosis” or blueness of skin: 

183. “For the most part, I think it leaves everything as it is. What does your poetry do? – I guess it gives a kind of blue rinse to the language, (John Ashbery),” (74). Click to read an Interview with John Ashbery.

14. Joni Mitchell, Blue:  

43. A male guppy: 

110. Gertrude Stein, More Information on “Tender Buttons”

135. Lady Sings the Blues, Billie Holiday: 

56. A Depiction of Lucy, The Patron Saint of The Blind

126. More on Shonagon and The Festival of Blue Horses

235. “‘One thing they don’t tell you ’bout the blues when you got ’em, you keep on fallin’ ’cause there ain’t no bottom,’ sings Emmylou Harris, and she may be right,” (94).

168. Cezanne’s Mont Sainte-Victoire 

Maggie Nelson’s Heroes/Writers from the Proust Questionnaire with Eileen Myles:

A profile, Anne Carson: New York Times Profile on Anne Carson

Eileen Myles’ Website:

Samuel Beckett:

Wayne Koestenbaum:



  1. A great list – thank you!

  2. […] the extensive canon of blue cultural works Nelson stitches throughout, it’s difficult not to see the focus that the break-up […]

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