Interview with Gabrielle Calvocoressi

Interview with Gabrielle Calvocoressi

J. Robert Lennon of Cornell interviews Gabrielle Calvovoressi. Interview focuses on her first book of poetry The Last Time I saw Amelia Earhart.  This book exhibits a bit of a different take on documentary poetry than Jane: A Murder, but I have found some interesting similarities. When asked ‘Why Amelia Earhart? Calvocoressi suggests that Earhart’s disappearance is impossible to understand, her story gives artists a ‘blank canvas’ to fill.’ This theme of ‘impossibility,’ such as an unsolved disappearance or an unsolved murder, seems to invite a documentary style of poetry and unconventional methods of exploration in general. In my reading of the two books I find that the unconventional methods of storytelling allows the reader to play a more active role in the discovery. In books such as these the process of searching for an answer becomes even more important than the answer itself. This almost radical emphasis on the process of discovery is an element of both The Last Time I saw Amelia Earhart as well as Jane: a murder.


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