See :: multimedia documentary poetry

Multimedia documentary poetry, and the regular kind, too. Check out In Verse here, here, and here:

And for all you list-lovers out there, HERE (and copied below) is a list of documentary poems, compiled by Jena Osman:

Charles Bernstein, “Standing Target,” Sentences my father used
Daniel Bouchard, “Wrackline”
Kamau Brathwaite, Trench Town Rock
David Bromige, My Poetry
Ernesto Cardenal, Zero Hour
Catalina Cariaga, Cultural Evidence
Anne Carson
Teresa Hak Kyung Cha, Dictee
Tom Clark, Empire of Skin
Beverly Dahlen, A Reading
Mahmoud Darwish’s poem on Beirut
Dorn’s  *Recollections of Gran Apacheria*, “Captain Jack’s Chaps/or
Houston, MLA,” Abhorrences
Maggie Dubris, WillieWorld
Ginsberg’s travel poems, Witchita Vortex Sutra
John Giorno’s mirror repetition poems of the 60s and 70s
Randolph Healy, _Arbor Vitae_
Susan Howe’s essay on Vertov and Marker, Nonconformis’s Memorial,
Articulations of Sound Forms in Time.
Hank Lazer, “Law Poems”
Dorothy Livesay, Let My People Go
Paul Metcalf, “Firebird,” “Genoa,” “Middle Passage,” and “Apalache”
Malena Morling, _Ocean Avenue_
Olson: chunks of the Maximus Poems
Hilton Obenzinger, New York on Fire
Michael Ondaatje’s “Billy the Kid”
Simon Ortiz, From Sand Creek
Wang Ping, Of Flesh and Spirit
Charles Reznikoff, Testimony
Adrienne Rich, Atlas of a Difficult World
Muriel Rukeyser, Book of the Dead
Ed Sanders’ 1968; *Investigative Poetics*, Chekhov
Leslie Scalapino, Front Matter Dead Souls
kathy lou schultz’s _genealogy_
Peter Dale Scott, Minding the Darkness, _Coming to Jakarta_
Red Slider, verse biography of Isamu Noguchi
Gustaf Sobin, Towards the Blanched Alphabets, Luminous Debris
Barrett Watten, Bad History
Williams’ *Paterson*
Zukofsky, A

…and finally, with the disclaimer that “this list is by no means exhaustive,” Joseph Harrington adds the following to the preceding:

Kazim Ali, Bright Felon
Dan Beachy-Quick, Whaler’s Dictionary
Anne Carson, Nox
Allison Cobb, Green-Wood
Stephen Collis, On the Material
Brenda Coultas, A Handmade Museum and The Marvellous Bones of Time
Amy England, Victory and Her Opposites
C. S. Giscombe, Prairie Style
Gabriel Gudding, Rhode Island Notebook
Susan Howe, The Midnight (and others)
Bhanu Kapil, Humanimal
Khaled Mattawa, Tocqueville
Mark Nowak, Shut Up Shut Down and Coal Mountain Elementary
Kathleen Ossip, The Cold War
Jena Osman, The Network
Craig Santos Perez, from unincorporated territory series
M. NourbSe Philp, Zong!
Kristin Prevallet, I, Afterlife
Kaia Sand, Remember to Wave
Susan M. Schultz, Dementia Blog
Eleni Sikelianos, The Book of Jon
Tony Trigilio, Historic Diary
Rachel Zolf, Masque


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