A few more reviews of The Red Parts

Here a few links to some random reviews I found, of varying quality. Some are more interesting than others, but it’s interesting what the reviewers focus on. Here are some highlights:  “Reading The Red Parts gave me a feeling as if I had gone on a blind date and realized that my date had facial hair and I hadn’t expected that at all”; “her narrative is wrenching, though readers come no closer to understanding the character of Mixer or the motive for her murder”; “contrast to the thoughtful, poignant tone of the earlier book, The Red Parts feels rushed, frenzied—in a positive, powerful way. While the re-opening of Jane’s case provides a plot, the book is also an autopsy, an examination (both implicit and explicit) on our cultural fascination with voyeurism, death, sex, and misogyny”; “In sum, The Red Parts is a tour de force for anyone with the slightest interest in true crime.”



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