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VIDA’s Count

In this week’s class, there was discussion of women writers being published and what they may face in the literary world compared to male writers. Since 2010, VIDA: Women In Literary Arts has done a count of the rates of publication between women and men in many highly respected literary outlets. Read the 2012 count here. […]

The Believer interview: Ali Liebegott & Maggie Nelson

The Believer interview: Ali Liebegott & Maggie Nelson On being confessional and sentimental: “If I’m known for anything, I think I’m known for being a bleeding heart, confessional, poet, and someone who also writes smarty-critical-thinky things. There are a lot of perils in the former. Sometimes I read reviews, and people say, “This sounds like […]

“Photo: This Is the Color of My Dreams” by Joan Miró, 1925