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A snowball in the muck

…and many more Maggie Nelson gems, at About Creativity: “Shifting genres has been helpful; so has asking the question, “Can I do X?” For example, I wrote little lyric poems for many years, then, when approaching my book Jane: A Murder, I started asking: Can a collection of little lyric poems tell, or at least contain, […]

Ordinary Language

I am perhaps unduly pleased with myself for having tracked down an interview with Maggie Nelson that isn’t yet listed on our totally impressive Reviews and Interviews page. In her interview with the poet H.L. Hix, Nelson speaks about ordinary language; taking liberties with her aunt’s diary; and us (sort of): “I’ve heard that some […]

See :: multimedia documentary poetry

Multimedia documentary poetry, and the regular kind, too. Check out In Verse here, here, and here: And for all you list-lovers out there, HERE (and copied below) is a list of documentary poems, compiled by Jena Osman: Charles Bernstein, “Standing Target,” Sentences my father used Daniel Bouchard, “Wrackline” Kamau Brathwaite, Trench Town Rock David Bromige, My […]

Process, etc. Summer 2009

Kim Young: One of the reasons I love Jane so much is that everything slows down and there’s a kind of montage quality to the book, the placement of details work together to make something bigger. Maggie Nelson: It took a lot of re-arranging on my floor. [find the full interview – about process, fate, […]