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Early poem from self-published book

Perhaps, in your Maggie Nelson research, you’ve stumbled upon one of the rare references to her first book of poems, Pacific, which Nelson self-published in 1995.  When I asked her about it via email, she replied, “It was just a DIY labor of love.  I made it myself, no one published it. Poetry people told […]

Limitations, Constraints, and False Barriers

We began the term reading Maggie Nelson’s essay “Writing With, From, and For Others” (Tin House blog, Oct. 30, 2012) and explored the idea of “leaning against” another text or some other artifact in our writing.  As we close the term exploring Nelson’s early published work, two chapbooks titled Not Sisters and The Scratch-Scratch Diaries, […]

Rachel Zucker and Arielle Greenberg on women, motherhood, and writing

Yesterday in class we discussed the personal nature of Maggie Nelson’s poetry and our various responses to what some perceived to be a very female voice/stance addressing female concerns.  As the discussion ranged beyond Maggie Nelson’s work, one person mentioned their aversion to poems about motherhood.  This morning, Wave Books (publisher of Nelson’s Bluets) posted […]