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Mark Doty Explores the Lyric Moment

Doty’s exploration at Poetry Daily seems like a useful complement to Maggie Nelson’s discussion of her creative process and approach to lyric and narrative effects. In discussing Elizabeth Bishop’s poem, “The Fish,” Doty pushes the definition of “lyric.” He proposes that a “lyric moment” is less about an absence of time and more about capturing […]

An Interview with Maggie Nelson about Creativity

Maggie Nelson discusses her creative process. She talks about working with lyric and narrative ideas as well as particular pieces in Something Bright, Then Holes.

Touch Delivers Not Space but Time

An NPR piece on a blind painter, Esref Armagan, refers to von Senden’s Space and Sight, exploring von Senden’s proposal that “touch delivers not space, but time.”   It provides a possibly interesting complement to Something Bright, Then Holes. Video of painter Esref Armagan at work:

Regained Sight, Maurius von Senden and Maggie Nelson’s Something Bright…

Nelson, as well as Annie Dillard in “Seeing,” made use of Marius von Senden’s 1932 work, Space and Sight. Around 1932, doctors figured out how to perform successful cataract surgery. As a result, many people who had lost their sight then regained it. Von Senden reviewed 66 of these cases.

Maggie Nelson Reading from Something Bright, Then Holes

Nelson reads from her book. She also talks briefly about Annie Dillard’s essay, “Seeing,” from which Nelson’s book title came, as well as Maurius von Senden’s 1932 work, Space and Sight.