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The Climate of the Times

1998 cover of Time Phyllis Chesler’s response to article “Except for Joan of Arc and Anne Frank, the thoughts of teenage girls have rarely been taken seriously.” –Ann Magnuson.  When Not Sisters came out, young feminists/queers outside the academy were told by the culture and the media that there was nothing left to fight […]

Nelson’s Intellectual Discovery is Now In Prose

This interview, which never made into an anthology about poets and sisterhood, has immense depth, intimacy and clarity. A long and informative read about influences, teaching, feminism, and why Nelson would rather be writing prose. Here are some excerpts to get you going… “Alas, since moving to LA in 2005, I’ve written few to no […]

Strange Way to Change Your Mind About Girl Poets

Please “enjoy” one of the strangest, yet quite insightful blog posts about Maggie Nelson and girl poets I have read so far. Also has a jarring sartorial component.  

Simone de Beauvoir’s Nonfiction

This is a fantastic interview in The Paris Review with Simone de Beauvoir that addresses several of the topics we have raised in class. The questions of what nonfiction can and can’t do as well as how philosophy or the non-drilling down of ideas were presented in the Art of Cruelty can be mirrored here. […]

Bathsheba interpreted

A great article examining the fragments of Cixous.

Helene Cixous’s Bathsheba or the Interior Bible

Helene Cixous’s Bathsheba or the Interior Bible Cixous wrote this essay in numbered fragments, dealing with issues of the body, the feminine, the gaze and others cited in Bluets. Scroll through this link to Stigmata to read the whole essay.

First Rate Art By Second Sex

First Rate Art By Second Sex trailblazer for women in the arts