imagesPublisher: Wave Books, 2009

– “Now, Where Was I?: On Maggie Nelson’s Bluets
– Review of Bluets at The “Constant Critic”
– “Either dissolve a genre or invent one”

– On being confessional and sentimental (with Ali Liebegott)
– “The Fragment as a Unit of Prose Composition”
– “Proust questionnaire” (with Eileen Myles)
– Questionnaire at

Affiliated texts:
– Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations
– Joan Mitchell, Les Bluets (The cornflowers)

– The Hierarchy of Grief and the Possible Impossibility of Empathy
– The Fragments of Cixous
– What Does It Mean to Walk in the Rain and Not Get Wet?
– Maggie Nelson, “On Color,” in Bookforum
– Blue: The Last Color Term
Bluets References / Links



  1. Can we identify what a lyric essay is and whether Bluets would fit into this category? Have we decided what it is (other than beautifully crafted fragments?)

  2. Curious, how we need things to BE something. Where does that impulse come from, I wonder?

  3. […] week, the seminar delved into Bluets. There was an amazing amount of user generated supplementary material added to the forum, well worth […]

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