This interview, which never made into an anthology about poets and sisterhood, has immense depth, intimacy and clarity. A long and informative read about influences, teaching, feminism, and why Nelson would rather be writing prose. Here are some excerpts to get you going… “Alas, since moving to LA in 2005, I’ve written few to no […]

Please “enjoy” one of the strangest, yet quite insightful blog posts about Maggie Nelson and girl poets I have read so far. Also has a jarring sartorial component.  

This is a fantastic interview in The Paris Review with Simone de Beauvoir that addresses several of the topics we have raised in class. The questions of what nonfiction can and can’t do as well as how philosophy or the non-drilling down of ideas were presented in the Art of Cruelty can be mirrored here. […]

Maggie Nelson pays much attention to Antonin Artaud in The Art of Cruelty. Especially to the ideas laid out in his manifesto and then seemingly put into practice in his 1947 banned radio play, To Have Done with the Judgement of God, to which Nelson says is “the closest Artaud may have come to ‘cutting […]

Here is a review on The Rumpus. And here’s another piece on This Recording. This one is a bit more meandering, it’s sort of a review, but really more of an exploration/personal reaction to the book, with images. It’s a pretty engaging read, if you have the time.  

The Art of Cruelty is not the book’s full title. It’s important to remember that A Reckoning is on the front cover as well—a clarification, it seems to me. Lately, as I read I’ve tried to become more disciplined in looking up words in my Merriam-Webster. Not just tough and rare words like adumbrate and […]

In this week’s class, there was discussion of women writers being published and what they may face in the literary world compared to male writers. Since 2010, VIDA: Women In Literary Arts has done a count of the rates of publication between women and men in many highly respected literary outlets. Read the 2012 count here. […]